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What is the Lion’s Gate & Why its a Special Portal?

⭐️On Saturday August 8th we will experience a Planetary conjunction that is widely celebrated, the recent years as the Lions Gate! With this popular revival of astrology is good to know exactly what is happening (to the best of our human understanding and experience) and how this is affecting us here on planet Earth? 

⭐️At this time, the Star Sirius is rising together in alignment with the Sun of our Solar system. The Star Sirius is twice the size and 25 times brighter than our Sun.

In relation to its distance from the Earth, continues to be the brighter star on the night sky. I also believe that Sirius was or might be the Sun for another System, but thats just my own insight. 

⭐️What we do know is that Sirius is part of the Constellation Canis Major which means the Greater Dog. We know that Sirius was a main point of navigating the ocean for the sailors. And we know that ancient Egyptians revered Sirius as a friendly planet, Source of Light Consciousness. 

It was popular as the Dog star/the Dog days of the summer where Sirius was shining brightest on the night sky. 

A Star that brought good luck, special Communications & Spiritual Illumination. (A dog showing the way)!

⭐️The other important aspect with the Lions Gate is that three Stars from the Orion Constellation align with the Pyramids in Giza Egypt at this exact time! 

Graham Hancock in his book-Fingerprints of the Gods (1995) mentions that the three Pyramids in Giza are a terrestrial (on Earth) cartography/map of the three Stars that Constellate Orion’s Belt. And that the Sphinx next to the Pyramids is a representation of the Constellation of Leo which is gazing from above. 

So in a majestic Symbology the 3 Pyramids are aligned with the 3 Stars that constitute Orion’s Belt. The Sphinx reflects the Leo Constellation and the Nile river reflects the Milky Way! 

⭐️How amazing is that?

On a deeper mystical insight, the three Stars Symbolize the Three Wise Kings (Nativity story) who came to welcome the Special Child on its Earthly incarnation!

All this is based on our ancestors (all ancient cultures) understanding that

Sacred Knowledge is coming from the Stars and our connection with the Universe. 

It is worth mentioning that these structures (the Pyramids and several Lion gates in ancient temples around the world) were created as Hancock’s book puts it, in a “period of frenetic building”. These structures Coincided with the astrological age of Leo-when Leo Energy was ruling the Earth Consciousness! 

⭐️What is the Leo energy about?

Leo is the energy of the Sun, the golden Shining heart! Leo is the energy of the leader, the energy of Community leadership. Leo is about courage and pride, Leo is about winning and taking over. Leo is also the energy of Joy and the children, the energy of people with a child’s heart. A Leo always shines and in a funny way there is no doubt in their minds that there could possibly be another leader besides them. They are here to embody that! Now we are not going to argue about “we are all leaders” because it has been proven that is not true. All beings and all signs have sacred value but different gifts and all Shine (when we do our personal work, to understand and fully embody our gifts). 

We shine like the stars to illuminate the night sky and maintain the energy flowing, like the galaxy. 

So yes! Some people have leadership gifts and others have teamwork gifts. Now healthy leadership is another subject which I will not touch at this moment. 

⭐️How is the Leo energy affecting us on a Universal level?

Planetary conjunctions similar to the Sun and Sirius are affecting us when shine upon us. Besides nutrients for the body and plants, their Light is illuminating our Consciousness. 

Soul awakening happens when the Stars align and Planets come together. Their unique representation of consciousness is assisting humanity on our awakening. Especially on Lions Gate Portal. Humanity is now ready to receive these codes of information to illuminate our dark places inside and out. 

It is the time to Open our Heart & show Courage! 

⭐️What to expect?

Starting August 3rd with the Full Moon in Aquarius we have some uncomfortable truths coming out. Deep unconsciousness is in the process of being illuminated. Exactly as when we open a window in a dark room. Exactly as when we open up a gigantic gate in a physical space or in the internal Universe of our Soul. 

It might not feel great, at the beginning. 

It might be shocking even hurtful at first. 

-Wow so much blinding Light! 

Just the realization that so much Light even exists, is a starting point. 

⭐️So lets take a deep breath and observe. You might experience your self and others being more reactive. As a result of the “coincidental” alignment of Mars going retrograde in Aries (all fire 🔥 ruled energies) - we might be fast to jump and burn everything on our passing. 

Primitive consciousness perceives sparks of simply “anything” and experiences it as an attack. Fear and attack then creates a vicious cycle of cruelty. 

Humanity is going through a point of being faced with the primitive feeling of survival (First Chakra).

We feel “attacked” from everything and everywhere. We are on survival mode and that can be very sensitive and fragile. Remember that most of us (in our generation) we only experienced safety and “upward mobility “ such as, getting better, being rewarded better, achieving more...everything was about success and individualism. Thats all we “knew” for a long time (the shadow side of Leo). 

But now things shifted- the First and Second energetic centers of Humanity are being shaken. 

We are receiving an upgrade! 

How and in what condition are we going to come out of it?!

⭐️The Dark Side of the Story & 

the Shift. 

Going back to that “frantic period of building” of the Pyramids, is important to consider and understand the following: Pyramids where builded by slaves. 

A lot of ancient cultures “thrived” on Slave Labor. 

A lot of modern Nations were built on Slavery-Yes the Founding Fathers were Slave Owners. And Yet Slavery is still happening in our twenty first century. Child slavery, women’s slavery, sex slavery just to mention few aspects of it. 

Please awaken to this reality!

Our shoes might be created by child labor! 

Slavery is a Second Chakra distorted experience. This means an energetic lack of understanding of our emotional power center. Lack of respect for our Own Life & our Home, the Earth! 

We are still operating on the old understanding that some lives are less valuable than others. 

And in addition we have the symptom of Greed (third energy/Chakra center disfunction) overpowering the system. 

⭐️This is the shift we need to work on. 

This is the upgrade that is here with the  Aquarian Age-the Water barer who broke free from slavery! 

⭐️Question to Meditate on this Lion’s Gate Portal:

-How can i best Serve my 

Soul’s highest Purpose? 

Step one is to Acknowledge and reconnect with our Soul’s highest Purpose! 

☀️Part II 

Planetary Transits:

Sun in Leo ♌️ July 22nd-August 22nd

Bold, Courageous,Dominant. 

Mercury in Leo ♌️ August 4th-19

Feisty, Go getter, think twice before you speak. 

Mars in Aries ♈️ June 27-January 6, 2021

Rx September 9th-November 13th 2020

Mars in his home is Powerful. 

Deep issues of Justice & Rebellion will come up. 

Jupiter in Capricorn ♑️

December 2019-Dec 19th 2020

Experiencing the Magnitude of shift in Universal Structure. 

Saturn Rx In Capricorn ♑️ July 1-December 17th 2020

Collapse of what is not functioning anymore. Universal Law-What needs to Change must dissolve. 

Uranus in Taurus ♉️ March 6th 2020-2025/6. Abrupt Change, Universal Awakening, Technology, Earth/Financial/Resources System Renovation. 

Rejoice & buckle up!

For readings i am here:

(Notes: I felt happy and childlike amazement on exploring this info and writing this article/sharing it with you-it felt urgent.) 

Some asked:

-Why they have such strong physical symptoms? It is energetic and amongst others these are some Common Symptoms you might experience: 




Physical body system changes 

Anger and discomfort 

This is way more physical than emotional. 

Ways of treating:

Proper rest


Intermittent fasting 

Energy healing 


Proper water & healthy food intake 


Therapy one on one work. 

Sylvia-Anais Mouzourou  MA in Mental Health Counseling & Psychotherapy Hands on Energy Healing/Reiki  Family & Systemic Constellations

☀️🌙✨Hands-on Energy Healing/Reiki 

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