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Understanding the Current Astrological Aspects.


May 29th 2020 & On. 

Hello astrology lovers!

Here I am going to share some of the major upcoming astrological events and what can possibly mean for us and our world at this time. Please keep this detailed analysis for your own notes as we are moving into the second semester of 2020. 

Planetary Positions & Retrogrades: 

🌟Our beloved & fast pace Mercury will be in Rx movement in Cancer from June 18th-July 12th 2020. This aspect could possibly vividly bring up our mother wound. Tears will be ready to flow and our longing for a safe place/loving arms to hide away into will be very prominent. 

We will seek a way out of everything that is happening around us. On a cautionary notice please don’t be quick with your reactions and words into blindly returning the hurt, shooting out in the dark. 

It can cause chaotic situations in communications. Take s moment to observe and look into delicate and loving self care.

🌟Venus the Lucious Love Queen is in Rx movement in Pisces. May 13th-June 25th. 

It is that time that our glorifying bubble held around our relationships is being pierced. No glorious lover, friend or family member is perfect, let alone coworker and career situations. We start seeing the rustiness, the squeakiness in all that is not working anymore. And again, it can be disappointing but please think twice before lashing out (observe strong emotions). In fact this Venus Rx will give us important/enlightening info about how to proceed in our relationships of all sorts. Of course here i have to mention the  clishe on past lovers returning, just remember clearly why you are not together, it will save you a lot of time and possible suffering. 

🌟Mars Rx in Pisces. 

Mars the Planet of Life force & War will enter Aries in June 27th. An important detail here is that Aries is another aspect of Mars-so we are dealing with double fire! The Rx period will last from September 9th-November 14th. 

Mars in Pisces brings up deep humanitarian issues and calls for long needed solutions, healing and the energy of Compassion; as we clearly see by the worldwide unrest and uncertainty at this time. In such Rx phase with Mars in Aries we as a collective will be kind of “forced” to revisit issues from the time of humanity‘s infancy. -How can we mature and stand on our own two feet as a collective with an all inclusive and Compassionate Vision, a New Reality?! -Mars in Rx is asking us that. In addition we have one more major energy in Aries territory, the asteroid Chiron along with Mars. Chiron is asking us to look into the wounds of racial based violence and inability to co-exist in order to truly understand it as a priority to address and prevent more violence. 

🌟Jupiter the proud emperor of expansion is Rx in Capricorn from May 14th - September 13th. Here in Capricorn, Jupiter is showing us our limitations. We can’t travel and our business might not be able to move forward but! It is possible that as a result of some hidden magic Jupiter might be able to open new opportunities that we have never considered before. Look out for new doors opening and be flexible to receive!

🌟Saturn the trembled master of Time is in Rx motion mostly in Capricorn with a tiny moment in Aquarius, dates being: May 11th-September 29th. 

This is about the larger picture, the structural systems & institutions of our world as we know it. As you might have observed, a lot of the old structures are not useful anymore and these grand changes will/are affecting us all. Most important thing here is to tend to our own roots and structures and keep our practices (Spiritual, Physical & Community) which help maintain us alive and thriving! Do not forget about Joy, Laughter and Play in Life, exactly because life is short. 

🌟Uranus in Taurus goes Rx in 

August 14- January 1st 2021. Uranus the giant of Change, will be in Taurus with short interruptions until 2027. In the Rx mentioned above Uranus will contribute in on abrupt changes in our technology especially related to working with the Earth. It is important to make it Right for the Earth. Because without a Heathy Ecosystem none of us (no living species) can be healthy -and we are All Important for the Equilibrium of this system! Becoming more conscious about what we eat and how we take care of our bodies will be coming up for review. 

🌟Above mentioned are the most influential upcoming planetary movements. This is a detailed account so it might be useful to keep the dates on your calendar and follow your personal experience observations! In our upcoming blog I will share more about the Moon & the Sun Eclipse Period. Looking forward into sharing with you.

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