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New Moon In Libra : Justice & The Tail End

*Planetary aspects, Retrogrades & Long term Transits.

October is a Special month astrology wise  because we have three important Lunations.

Two Full & one New Moon.

🌕Full Moon in Aries October 1st

🌑New Moon in Libra October 16th

🌕Full Blue Moon in Taurus October 31st

Here are the main planetary aspects for this month:

💫Mercury rx in Scorpio October 13th-November 3rd.

Mercury will enter Libra October 27th. Mercury rx in Scorpio entertains and lingers into poisonous thoughts and words. Situations that we thought were “said and done” resurface again. Each participant might have a completely different view on the subject.

The wisest thing to do is be slow to anger and think twice before we speak. Mercury is not happy retracting in Scorpio but if we are calm and open we can learn a lot from and about our Shadow. This is the healing purpose here.

Venus in Virgo-October 2nd-October 27th. Venus enters Libra-October 27th.

At this point I will avoid repeating the cliché that Venus in Virgo is simply critical. Rather i will say the following, Venus in Virgo seeks comfort through order and focused action. Venus in Virgo likes a warm bed and a hot cup of tea and wishes to remain far away from any drama. In other words She is cool, calm and collected in practical Virgo. Just don’t bother Her...

💫Mars currently rx in Aries stations direct on November 13th. Mars entered Aries June 27th and will remain in his domain until January 6th 2021. (Last article was fully dedicated to Mars please check it out for more info).

🪐Jupiter in Capricorn December 2nd 2019-December 19th 2020. Jupiter can sometimes be the “Emperor without clothes” (denoting the extreme vanity of our system). Jupiter always magnifies everything and in this case in Capricorn some of the things he magnifies is our physical pain in bones, teeth and over all structure. Jupiter in Capricorn reminds us of our fragility. Furnitures, governments and stock markets “break” in the snap of a finger, Jupiter’s finger.

🪐Saturn in Capricorn.

Saturn entered Capricorn December 19th 2017 and will remain in until December 17 2020. After its complex transit between Capricorn and Aquarius, Saturn finally enters Aquarius on December 17th 2020. Saturn takes 28-29 years to complete a cycle therefore it spends 2-1/2 years in each sign. Saturn’s solid and seemingly impersonal/ “cruel” lessons help us answer the highest existential question of all:

-Why I am I here?!

(I will speak about Saturn in Aquarius in a future article. This transit, Saturn’s movement to Aquarius constitutes the Tail End of the Capricorn age and the long awaited shift into Aquarian Consciousness).

💫Uranus transit in Taurus. Uranus entered Taurus on May 16 2018 and will remain in until April 26 2026. Uranus currently rx in Taurus will go direct on January 13th 2021. Extreme technology leaps which will include human body and science. Powerful, unexpected change of “all” plans.

💫🪐Neptune in Pisces currently rx stations direct November 27 2020. Neptune in Pisces transit 2012-December 2026. Neptune/God Shiva+Goddess Yemanja are dancing their dance of Awakening Consciousness, in water ruled sign of the archetypal fish (Ocean & it’s Creatures).  Awakening to personal and Collective Illusions is the purpose here. Addiction issues resurface at this time.

🪐Pluto transit in Capricorn. Pluto entered Capricorn on November 26th 2008 and will remain in Capricorn until January 2024. Pluto is an “interesting guy” being the representation of Underworld itself. The ancients truly felt (therefore created depictions) of a transitional astral space of where the Souls travelled for their transformation. Death through deep realizations and Rebirth to a New Form are the gifts of Pluto. Also all Scandals & Intrigue possible “under the Sun”.

**On Cosmic aspect, Pluto in Capricorn truly has the authority of taking Lives-think of the Death tarot card or the Horse Men of Apocalypse.

💫🪐Chiron transit in Aries. Chiron the Centaur healer entered Aries on February 2019. Chiron currently rx will station direct on December 15th 2020 and will remain in Aries until January 2028. We truly have a long time to examine our existential wound individually and as a Collective. The goal is to Heal, Re-build and come together on protecting the Earth & all Natural Ways.

Happy New Moon in Libra ♎️

This dark (absence of Light) New Moon in the sign of Scales, gives as the Opportunity to SEE & Experience

-What is a World with Out Justice?

We have been seeing this for awhile now but at this time the realization is truly groundbreaking. (Lady Justice’s eyes are closed not only to be neutral but to actually FEEL what feels Right & Just. Feeling a Scale with closed eyes is the epitome of sensitivity...)

-For how long can we live in a World without Justice?

-And what can we do to Change it?

These are big questions, but we can start from the personal, relationship with one’s self and relationship with All Living Beings.

On a personal level the question is:

-How can I bring more Justice in my Life?

I am i just to my self & all my Relations?

First step is becoming

mindful at Every Moment!

Asterisks notes:

*In this text Retrograde Planets are marked as: rx , 💫

Long term transits are marked as: 🪐

**The last time that Jupiter & Pluto met in Capricorn was in 1771 during the Russian Plague-as you see, nobody can make these things up. The Accuracy of the Universal clock is beyond human understanding.

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