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New Moon in Leo & the Venus Portal-Experiencing the Shift

☀️Hello friends around the world.

Happy New Moon in Leo!

Since August 15th I have experienced a tremendous opening and expansion of Creative Feminine Energy. 

When I experienced that for my self I simultaneously started receiving messages from friends in regards to how actively creative they felt. 

Women from everywhere communicated to say how they wanted to dance, draw, write, create new business collaborations. Some found a home, fell in love and created more love! 

Many also reported a longed for mending in relationships. 

I my self was stunned because i woke up on the 17th (of August) intensely feeling that I wanted to draw with colored pencils, which rarely happens by the way; But all these energy patterns channelled through in regards to how human energy field works and i had to illustrate them. 

So of course my first reaction was to ask: ☀️-What is happening up in the Sky?

I also realized that August 15th is a grand celebration of Mother Mary in Greece (my country of origin) and other countries in the world. 

So here is what came through as a confirmation: 

☀️Lions Gate portal which is at its peak on August 8th channels in the Golden Energy of Goddess Isis. 

(Second & Third Chakras)

This energy appears to build up until August 15th Mother Mary celebration in the Mediterranean which is just another Face of the Divine Mother (5th, 6th & 7 Chakras) Blue, White, Silver Energy. 

This Portal of Fertile Feminine Energy  continues and culminates its fiery intensity on August 26th with Black Madonna (Dark Divine Mystery) Festivities in Italy! 

☀️This is a process of recharge and Upgrade of the Devine Feminine. 

And wait for it:

Of course this Energy Coincides with Venus in Cancer placement 

(August 7 to September 6th).

A place of tender Love & Care, rejuvenation, Mother Love & Passionate Love making (if the right mate is present).

In addition the Eris + Mars in Aries (although presented as a trouble making discord placement by many) 

Also has a positive aspect as a Life Force Owning Power (3rd Chakra) which is expressed as such:


I am Here 

I am Now

I am Infinite 

I am Creation 

I am One 

☀️So, my dear ladies and gents!

Observe, observe, observe.

Make space, create space for your creativity. Do not doubt

(Shadow of North node in Gemini)

Appreciate, appreciate, appreciate 

your Divinity. 

Put jealousy (lack off) aside 

(Shadow of Eris). And receive full Force this beautiful portal upgrade. 

☀️Things to do:

A Chart reading to find out where your placements are and how to utilize them best.


Self Care




Plan/prep for Fall (Athena Pallas)

Current Aspects:

☀️ Sun in Leo July 22nd-August 22nd 

What I am I creating?

☀️Sun in Virgo August 22nd -September 22nd. Organizing & Tying loose ends. 

☀️Mercury in Leo August 4th-19th 

Confident expression, sometimes Grandiosity.

☀️Mercury in Virgo August 19th-

September 5th. 

Mercury is Happy in his Domain! Yeyyyy 

☀️Mars in Aries June 27th 2020-January 6th 2021. Mars Rx September 9th-November 13th. Fiery aspects, Political & Social upheaval. As well as Nature’s reaction to environmental distraction. 

To all my Relations 🦋

NY August 2020

For Readings i am here:

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