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Cancer New Moon & Solar Eclipse -The Turning of the Wheel. 

⭐️Hello Astrology Lovers! 

On Sunday June 21st we will experience:

🌙A New Moon in Cancer

☀️annular Solar Eclipse and 

⭐️Summer Solstice! 

Summer Solstice marks a point of Celebration in our year, a midsummer Celebration of the Sun. A New Moon is happening at the same time in 0 point degrees in the sign of Cancer. In addition the Cosmic Clock is aligning at this exact  zero point with South and North Node. South Node being in Sagittarius & North Node in Cancer. 

Yes, I know! Its like holding our breath in awe, I feel the same way. 

⭐️This is a Grand Meeting of Energies!

The Sun and the Moon in Cancer. Then the Lights of the Universe all of a sudden shut down for few minutes as so to reveal a new truth. The sign of Cancer is the sign of the mother’s womb and the amniotic fluid of the “sea”. Nurturing, primordial home, family, relationships, second chackra, emotions our need for intimacy and love. The crab is completely ruled by the Moon, the absolute Feminine Energy. 

With the North Node in Gemini we always have two stories going on, the personal deep feelings and the world events. 

There is definitely A lot in our plate. 

This is an incredibly complex Sky chart with a Unique element-these exact conjunctions never happened before! 

This is a New Energy, a New Way of doing things. Humanity as a collective is coming face to face with deep realizations, about our system, about what works and what stoped working long time ago. A new found clarity about who we thought was to be benevolent but clearly is not anymore. Humanity is already seeing with a New Set of Eyes. 

As we grow and evolve hopefully we are striving for a world of Peace, human, animal and Nature rights becoming our priorities.                  


This complex astrological event on our Sky above will truly and deeply affect our consciousness. 

⭐️Where are you? Where i am I? 

Where Are We On our Path of Awakening? On our walk for growth for a better, safer, more sustainable Earth?! 

Where is our system of leadership if any and what we need to do to change it-to Turn this Wheel?!

This Eclipse is part of what astrologers call a Saros Cycle- a period of 18 years, 11 days and 8 hours. Every 3 Saros’ Cycles of Eclipses with similar Geometry is called-Exeligmos -a Greek word that means:

⭐️The Turning of the Wheel!!! 

As Humanity we have been holding our breath, on waiting for this Turning of the Wheel. 

The Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter conjunction literally brought Humanity on our knees. Saturn the Lord of Lessons rules the knees (planets rule different body parts, animals and plants) people have been kneeling down as a gesture of respect And A Knee Was Used to murder a human being. Knees-we are coming on our knees. What is it that we have been missing all this time? 

And how can we use our Power (Mars) either in a good way or in a destructive way? 

The Eclipse on zero point of Cancer brings the Message 

of The Great Mother Creatress: 

⭐️-When was the last time you came down on your knees and thanked your Mother for your Sacred Life?! Earth is our Mother, what are we missing all this time? 

As mentioned in previous article, this time might bring intense emotions and realizations. 


Find water, submerge your self in water, ocean, lake, waterfall. Awaken the ancient memory of being embraced by the womb Mother. Re-connect with Her. 

With Gratitude. Surrender to Her and say: Thank you, Please Guide me, I love you, please forgive me, i want to care for you...

And see what will happen! Just try it. There is No where else to go anyway. 

Until you go back in to Her. 

On a Universal level this particular Saros Cycles have been marked with world wide destructions and war events. Those are the lessons that Humanity did not integrate yet, this is why history repeats itself. 

So in this Eclipse and within the next six month Cycle expect to receive one or many really specific messages (zero degrees does exactly that) both on a personal and cosmic level. Don’t get stuck in doubt and indecision. Follow your sacred human heart, observe what opens your heart and makes you truly joyful! 

As so to find your place/home and sacred mission on this Earth. 

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