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I started my apprenticeship with a professional energy healer and psychotherapist in Cyprus (a Greek Island in the Mediterranean) in 1997. When I moved to NYC in 2014 I met my next teacher and started learning about Chakra and hands-on Energy Healing.  I have an MA in Mental Health Counseling Psychotherapy and Professional Energy Healing training from BBSH Barbara Brennan School of Healing. I have also studied the Family Constellation therapy technique with various teachers in NYC for three years and strongly feel that this work changes lives. At The Guided Healing everyone receives exactly what they need to receive for the highest good of all on a personal and collective level. 

I started this line work because it came so naturally to me. It's been 20 years and I have never doubted myself nor second-guessed that this wasn't the path for me. Being connected with higher guidance transformed my life through several cycles, every time on a deeper level. It brought me to the path of realization, awakening, understanding and it brought me peace within myself and the world. 

Welcome, I am Sylvia-Anais Mouzourou


I got stronger more aware and determined to start my own business. My self-esteem grew through meditation, mantras, and constellation work. Big blocks that needed to clear transformed with Sylvia's guidance. 
And most important she was a very big support through it all!
I warmly recommend her❤️


Fanny M. 

Working with Sylvia @ The Guided Healing helped me understand more of my patterns and relationships. In a very short period of time, I was able to work on removing perceived obstacles and open the way to happier, healthier relationships. 

C. M. 

Working with Sylvia helped me overcome my chronic depression. I found a new purpose in life and now I am applying to college for a new degree that I realized as my future path. I can’t wait to start! I feel super grateful for all shifts in these last few months. 


I am just so grateful for her tool box of wisdom and various treatments, it is truly holistic. She kept guiding me to my Inner Light until I was able to see it! Now I can walk strong with a new life, on my own two feet. 
New York

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